winners of: Hammersmith Head, National Sculling Head, Hammersmith Regatta, Marlow Spring Regatta, Thames Ditton 4 Regatta, National Schools Regatta
  • Photography:
    Luca Zordan
  • Art Direction:
    Liz Sheppard

Latymer Upper School is a co-ed independent school with a boat house on the River Thames in West London. The J14 Girls Octo team, who train 4 or 5 times a week, has only been together for 8 months but has already won 6 major competitions. It is the camaraderie and team spirit that keeps them together, training (or visiting the corner shop for a quick snack and drink) in their lunch hours, evenings and weekends.

Being strong and being with your friends, or making new friends, goes far beyond the educational curriculum and is part of their broader intellectual and social development. They email their coach, Tom, when they can’t make a training session or to invite him along when they socialise. Rowing has created an incredible bond and has made them really strong and united as a team. They have a great spirit , good times and they are a very sociable team. #LatymerCrusaders